The Rooms

Local Art

Each of our 15 private bungalows reflects our commitment to sustaining the local environment and promoting the local artisans of Zanzibar.

Our furniture has been handcrafted by Issa, a local artisan who still uses traditional Zanzibari techniques to hand craft each piece of furniture featured in your room.  From the traditional Zanzibar beds (complete with mosquito nets, of course), to the tables and chairs, each piece has been designed and crafted to transport you to the exotic heart of Zanzibari culture.

Eco Friendly

Rooms feature modern architectural technology that harnesses the power of the ocean winds for a “natural” A/C.  In each bungalow, the ceiling leads to a cleverly designed wind tunnel, which allows guests to relax in a room cooled by nature itself.  Windows can be left open as all rooms have full mosquito netting on the doors and windows, a feature rare in Zanzibar. However, for those days when the winds are low, each room is also equipped with air conditioning and ceiling fans.



While all rooms feature balconies with private views of the Indian Ocean, we are proud to offer three unique ocean front rooms.  With singular views of the ocean, we particularly recommend these rooms for our more adventurous guests –during high tide the ocean waters can sometime greet you right at your door!  We encourage you to check in with us if you have any questions about these one-of-a-kind ocean front bungalows.